70 Trendy Bangs Styles For Women Over 50 Who Wear Glasses

Navigating the world of beauty and style after 50 can be both thrilling and daunting, especially when glasses enter the mix. Bangs are not just a youthful fancy; they’re a versatile style statement for women over 50 looking to refresh their look. This article explores 70 trendy bang styles that harmoniously blend with glasses, offering a new lens through which to view ageless style and confidence.

1. Soft Curtain Bangs with a Gentle Wave

Ideal for women over 50, these soft curtain bangs gracefully frame the face while accommodating eyeglasses. The gentle wave adds a touch of sophistication and movement, perfect for softening facial features. This style works well with various hair textures and is easy to maintain with light styling products to enhance the natural wave.

2. Choppy Pixie Cut with Wispy Bangs

This bold, low-maintenance choppy pixie cut is perfect for those who desire a modern yet easy-to-style look. Wispy bangs add a youthful flair and blend seamlessly with glasses, making this style both functional and fashionable. Use a texturizing paste to add volume and definition to the bangs.

3. Layered Bob with Side-Swept Fringe

A layered bob with side-swept fringe offers elegance and style, ideal for mature women. The layers create volume and the side-swept fringe complements angular features while integrating smoothly with glasses. This versatile style can be dressed up or down, fitting for both professional environments and casual outings.

4. Textured Lob with Feathered Bangs

The textured lob with feathered bangs is a contemporary choice that adds a playful yet sophisticated edge to your look. The feathered bangs lighten the lob’s weight, making it suitable for various face shapes and a great match for glasses. Achieve this look with a blow dryer and round brush for a polished finish.

5. Sleek Bob with Straight Across Bangs

This sleek bob paired with straight across bangs creates a striking and refined appearance. The clean lines of the bangs enhance facial symmetry and pair excellently with rectangular or angular glasses. This style requires regular trims to maintain its sharpness and a smoothing serum for a glossy finish.

6. Blunt Shoulder-Length Cut with Bangs

For a bold and beautiful statement, a blunt shoulder-length cut with bangs is an excellent choice. This style suits various hair types and the bangs can be styled to either blend with glasses or highlight them. Use a flat iron for a sleek look or a curling iron for a touch of curl at the ends for variety.

7. Angled Bob with Soft Fringe

An angled bob with soft fringe provides an alluring contour that highlights cheekbones and complements the jawline. The fringe softens the angular bob, making it perfect for those with glasses, offering a harmonious balance between sharp and soft styling. Style with a light mousse for volume without stiffness.

8. Classic Layered Cut with Curtain Bangs

This classic layered cut enhanced with curtain bangs offers timeless charm and versatility. The layers add body and movement, while the bangs provide a fashionable frame for glasses. Suitable for all hair types, this style can be easily maintained with regular trims and minimal styling.

9. Tousled Shag with Choppy Bangs

Embrace a carefree look with a tousled shag featuring choppy bangs. This effortlessly chic style works well with the texture of natural waves and creates a lively, youthful vibe. It’s perfect for those who prefer a low-maintenance hairstyle that still looks put-together with glasses.

10. Long Bob with Flowy Side Bangs

A long bob with flowy side bangs offers an elegant and flattering choice for mature women. The length provides versatility for various styling options, while the side bangs soften the face and work well with oval or round glasses. Style with a lightweight cream to keep the bangs in place and add a subtle definition.

11. Rounded Bob with Wispy Micro Bangs

This rounded bob with wispy micro bangs offers a fresh, modern twist to traditional styles, making it an excellent choice for women over 50 who wear glasses. The micro bangs draw attention to the eyes and pair well with minimalist frames. Style with a light pomade to keep bangs in place without weighing them down.

12. Layered Mid-Length with Heavy Bangs

This hairstyle is perfect for adding volume and drama. The heavy bangs make a bold statement and frame the face beautifully, complementing the eyes behind glasses. Ideal for thicker hair, this cut provides texture and depth, styled easily with a blow-dryer and round brush for a smooth finish.

13. Pixie with Long Side-Swept Bangs

A pixie cut with long side-swept bangs combines ease with elegance. The longer bangs add a touch of femininity to the edgy pixie and are perfect for blending with various styles of glasses. Use a light hairspray to keep bangs in place while maintaining a soft appearance.

14. Swooping Fringe with Stacked Bob

This hairstyle features a distinctive swooping fringe that gracefully covers the forehead, paired with a stacked bob that offers volume at the back. It’s particularly flattering for those with fine hair, as it creates the illusion of thickness, especially when styled with volumizing products.

15. Soft Pixie with Feathered Bangs

The soft pixie with feathered bangs is a low-maintenance, stylish choice that complements delicate facial features and glasses. The feathered bangs add texture and movement, creating a youthful and lively look that can be easily maintained with minimal styling.

16. Asymmetrical Lob with Side Bangs

An asymmetrical lob with side bangs brings an artistic flair to your style, making it striking and modern. The asymmetry can accentuate or soften facial features depending on how it’s styled, while the side bangs blend beautifully with glasses. Style with a flat iron for a sleek look or enhance natural curls for added volume.

17. Tapered Bob with Curved Bangs

A tapered bob with curved bangs offers a chic, polished look. The curvature of the bangs enhances the natural contours of the face, making this style particularly suitable for those with round or heart-shaped faces. This hairstyle works well with lightweight styling products to maintain a smooth finish.

18. Volume-Boosting Shag with Thick Bangs

For a bold, retro vibe, opt for a volume-boosting shag with thick bangs. This cut is designed to maximize body and texture, making it ideal for hair that lacks volume. The thick bangs stand out, especially when paired with larger, bolder glasses frames. Use a volumizing mousse to enhance the natural texture.

19. Chic Crop with Subtle Side Bangs

This chic crop is all about simplicity and elegance, featuring subtle side bangs that gently sweep across the forehead. It’s an excellent low-maintenance option that works beautifully with sleek or more understated glasses frames. Style with a touch of serum to keep bangs smooth and controlled.

20. Wavy Midi Cut with Eye-Covering Bangs

The wavy midi cut paired with eye-covering bangs is effortlessly glamorous, providing a mysterious allure as the bangs flirt just above the eyes. This style is perfect for showcasing wavy textures and works exceptionally well with round or oversized glasses. Use a curl-enhancing cream to define waves and keep bangs in check.

21. Retro-Inspired Waves with Bangs

Capture the glamour of past decades with retro-inspired waves paired with bangs. This style adds a touch of Hollywood elegance and works beautifully with both short and long bangs. Ideal for events or special occasions, it pairs well with bold glasses frames. Use a curling iron and firm hold spray to maintain the wave’s shape throughout the day.

22. Soft Layered Cut with Blunt Bangs

A soft layered cut finished with blunt bangs offers a contemporary twist on a classic style. This look suits various hair types and lengths, providing texture and volume while the blunt bangs draw attention to the eyes, making it an excellent choice for those with glasses. Maintain with a smoothing serum to keep hair sleek.

23. Casual Shaggy Bob with Light Bangs

For a laid-back yet stylish look, the casual shaggy bob with light bangs is perfect. This easygoing style suits everyday wear and doesn’t require much upkeep. Light bangs soften the facial features and are particularly flattering for those wearing lighter or rimless glasses.

24. Voluminous Waves with Parted Bangs

This hairstyle is all about making a statement with volume. Voluminous waves paired with parted bangs offer a dynamic and youthful look that enhances natural hair texture. It’s especially striking on thicker hair types and can be styled with a volumizing mousse or spray to accentuate the waves.

25. Elegant Bob with Rounded Bangs

An elegant bob cut with rounded bangs provides a polished and refined look, perfect for both professional settings and formal occasions. The rounded bangs enhance facial symmetry and pair beautifully with oval or round glasses frames. Use a round brush and blow dryer to achieve a smooth, rounded finish.

26. Classic Curls with Sweeping Bangs

Embrace your curls with this classic style that combines voluminous curls with sweeping bangs. The bangs can be styled to either side, offering versatility and a soft, romantic look that complements curly textures beautifully. Perfect for any face shape, use a curl-enhancing cream to define curls and reduce frizz.

27. Structured Lob with Straight Bangs

This structured lob with straight bangs strikes the perfect balance between sophistication and edge. The clean lines of the straight bangs provide a modern look, while the lob (long bob) keeps it versatile and stylish. Ideal for straight hair, this look requires regular trims to maintain its precise shape.

28. Tapered Pixie with Voluminous Bangs

A tapered pixie cut enhanced with voluminous bangs adds personality and flair, making it an excellent choice for those wanting a bold, low-maintenance hairstyle. The voluminous bangs add a playful touch and can be styled to enhance the face shape or complement the frame of glasses.

29. Straight Bob with Feathered Fringe

This straight bob with a feathered fringe offers a sleek, attractive look that works well with any hair type. The feathered fringe adds a light, airy quality to the classic bob, making it suitable for various occasions and easy to style with a light hold hairspray or texturizing powder.

30. Flowy Layers with Side Fringe

Flowy layers paired with a side fringe create a versatile and dynamic hairstyle that can easily be dressed up or down. The side fringe is particularly flattering for elongating the face and pairs well with both contemporary and classic styles of glasses. Style with a lightweight styling cream to enhance the layers without weighing them down.

31. Textured Waves with Chunky Bangs

Embrace a lively, textured look with waves complemented by chunky bangs. This style is perfect for adding volume and a playful twist to your appearance. Chunky bangs work well with thicker hair types and larger glasses, providing a balance of boldness and femininity. Use a texturizing spray to enhance the waves and give a tousled finish.

32. Sleek Layered Cut with Arching Bangs

This sleek layered cut features arching bangs that gracefully frame the face, emphasizing the eyes and cheekbones. Ideal for straight hair, this style combines elegance with a hint of modernity, suitable for both professional and casual settings. Maintain the sleekness with a flat iron and a light gloss spray.

33. Edgy Short Cut with Bold Bangs

For those looking to make a statement, an edgy short cut with bold bangs offers a chic yet daring look. The bold bangs draw attention directly to the eyes and pair well with stylish, modern glasses. Keep this cut sharp and defined with regular trims and styling with a molding cream or gel.

34. Boho Waves with Curtain Fringe

Capture the effortless charm of boho style with soft waves and a delicate curtain fringe. This hairstyle is perfect for adding a touch of whimsy and romance, suitable for all occasions. The fringe softly parts in the middle, framing the face and enhancing the natural flow of the waves. Use a sea salt spray for added texture.

35. Glamorous Waves with Blunt Bangs

Combine the elegance of glamorous waves with the contemporary appeal of blunt bangs. This look is stunning for evening events and adds a sophisticated flair to your style. The blunt bangs provide a modern edge, contrasting beautifully with the softness of the waves. Style with a curling iron and finish with a shine spray.

36. Modern Lob with Asymmetrical Bangs

A modern lob with asymmetrical bangs offers a fresh and unique look. The asymmetry in the bangs adds an artistic touch and can be tailored to flatter different face shapes, making it a versatile choice. Style with a straightener or a curling wand to emphasize the modern lines of the lob.

37. Flowy Bob with Wispy Fringe

This flowy bob comes with a light, wispy fringe that enhances its femininity and charm. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a hairstyle that’s easy to manage yet stylish, suitable for both day and night. The wispy fringe softens the face and works well with lighter frames of glasses.

38. Natural Curls with Soft Bangs

Celebrate your natural curls with this style that incorporates soft bangs to frame the face gently. This look is perfect for enhancing the natural texture while keeping the hair practical and flattering. Manage curls with a hydrating curl cream that reduces frizz and adds definition.

39. Chic Stacked Bob with Side Bangs

Opt for a chic, refined look with a stacked bob accompanied by elegant side bangs. The stacking at the back provides volume, while the side bangs soften the angularity, making it a great match for sophisticated eyewear. Style with a lightweight volumizing product for lift and texture.

40. Short Layers with Dramatic Side Fringe

This hairstyle features short layers with a dramatic side fringe that sweeps across the face, creating depth and movement. It’s a bold choice that stands out, perfect for those who enjoy a dynamic, modern look. Style the fringe to either side to suit the occasion or your mood, using a bit of hairspray to hold everything in place.

41. Wavy Pixie with Tousled Bangs

The wavy pixie with tousled bangs is an effortlessly chic style that brings a youthful energy to any look. This cut is particularly flattering for naturally wavy hair, offering texture and volume that can be easily styled with a light mousse or sea salt spray to enhance the waves and keep the bangs playful.

42. Medium Chop with Delicate Bangs

A medium chop enhanced with delicate bangs offers a balanced, feminine hairstyle suitable for all occasions. The lightness of the bangs complements the medium length, making it easy to style and maintain. This cut is perfect for those looking for a simple yet stylish look that pairs beautifully with sleek or subtle glasses.

43. Stylish Pixie with Curved Fringe

This stylish pixie cut features a curved fringe that elegantly contours the forehead, adding a sophisticated twist to the classic pixie. It’s perfect for highlighting facial features and pairs well with various glasses styles. Maintain the shape with regular trims and style using a texturizing cream for added definition.

44. Layered Waves with Swooped Bangs

Layered waves paired with swooped bangs create a dynamic and voluminous hairstyle. This look is ideal for adding movement and depth to fine hair, with bangs that gracefully sweep across the forehead to enhance the face’s natural contours. Use a volumizing spray to boost the roots and a curl enhancer to define the waves.

45. Effortless Bob with Casual Bangs

The effortless bob with casual bangs is a low-maintenance, versatile hairstyle that works for everyday wear. The casual bangs soften the overall look and are easy to style with a quick brush-through and a light hairspray to keep them in place. This bob is perfect for those who prefer a no-fuss, attractive hairstyle.

46. Elegant Shag with Feathered Fringe

For a touch of retro glamour, opt for an elegant shag with a feathered fringe. This style exudes a bohemian chic vibe, with layers that add texture and a fringe that frames the face beautifully. It’s particularly flattering for thicker hair types and can be styled with a blow dryer to emphasize the feathered look.

47. Carefree Layers with Light Bangs

This hairstyle embodies a relaxed and carefree aesthetic, featuring soft layers with light bangs that gently frame the face. It’s an excellent choice for a natural look, enhancing the hair’s own texture. Style with a light texturizing spray for a casual, breezy appearance that’s easy to manage.

48. Straight Cut with Peek-a-Boo Bangs

A straight cut with peek-a-boo bangs offers a mysterious and intriguing look, with bangs that subtly cover one eye. This style is sleek and straightforward, making it suitable for those who prefer a polished appearance. Use a straightener to achieve a smooth finish and a shine serum to enhance the sleekness.

49. Delicate Bob with Soft Curtain Bangs

This delicate bob with soft curtain bangs combines simplicity with elegance. The curtain bangs part in the middle and softly drape the sides of the face, offering a flattering and timeless look. Perfect for fine to medium hair, this style can be blow-dried with a round brush to achieve a smooth, voluminous finish.

50. Wavy Bob with Discreet Bangs

A wavy bob paired with discreet bangs offers a subtle yet stylish look. The waves add body and texture, while the understated bangs provide a soft, gentle framing effect that complements the face and glasses. Use a curling iron to enhance the waves and a light hold spray to maintain the shape throughout the day.

51. Chic Shag with Textured Bangs

The chic shag with textured bangs is a dynamic and fashionable choice, bringing both volume and edgy flair to your style. These bangs enhance the layered look of the shag, perfect for adding personality and framing the face in a playful way. Use a texturizing spray to amplify the natural texture and hold the style.

52. Retro Bob with Full Fringe

Embrace a classic look with a retro bob complemented by a full fringe. This style echoes the iconic looks of the mid-20th century, offering a bold statement that pairs well with both contemporary and vintage-style glasses. The full fringe accentuates the eyes and can be styled smooth or with a slight curve.

53. Wavy Midi with Soft Side Bangs

A wavy midi cut with soft side bangs is ideal for those seeking a feminine, easy-to-manage hairstyle. The waves offer natural movement and the soft side bangs gracefully sweep across the forehead, creating a romantic look that suits various face shapes and glasses styles.

54. Pixie Bob with Edgy Bangs

This innovative style combines the shortness of a pixie with the shape of a bob, accented by edgy bangs that give a modern twist. It’s a striking look for those wanting to make a fashion statement while maintaining ease of styling. Shape with a pomade or wax to keep the bangs in place.

55. Elegant Layered Cut with Swooping Bangs

This elegant layered cut features swooping bangs that offer a soft yet sophisticated touch, ideal for framing the face and enhancing the eyes. This style is versatile, working well for both formal and casual settings, and can be styled with a light mousse to maintain volume and movement.

56. Medium Shag with Casual Fringe

Opt for a laid-back vibe with a medium shag cut paired with a casual fringe. This hairstyle is perfect for adding texture and a bit of edge, while the fringe keeps it approachable and stylish. Suitable for all hair types, enhance the layered look with a sea salt spray for a tousled finish.

57. Timeless Bob with Classic Bangs

A timeless bob paired with classic bangs offers a clean and elegant style that never goes out of fashion. This haircut is excellent for highlighting facial features and works beautifully with various types of glasses. Maintain the classic look with regular trims and style with a smoothing cream.

58. Curly Bob with Delicate Fringe

The curly bob with a delicate fringe is charming and playful, perfect for showcasing natural curls. The light fringe softens the look and adds a touch of whimsy. Use curl-enhancing products to define curls and a light hairspray to keep the fringe in place without weighing down the curls.

59. Sophisticated Lob with Elegant Bangs

A sophisticated lob with elegant bangs strikes the perfect balance between casual cool and refined style. The bangs can be styled straight or side-swept, depending on the occasion, making this versatile for any event. Use a styling cream for a smooth finish and a bit of shine.

60. Short Layered Cut with Creative Bangs

This short layered cut with creative bangs allows for plenty of personality and artistic expression. The creative bangs can be asymmetrical, textured, or uniquely shaped to enhance the overall style. Perfect for those who enjoy a standout hairstyle, style with innovative products like sculpting gels for a defined look.

61. Casual Waves with Natural Bangs

Perfect for a relaxed, everyday look, casual waves with natural bangs provide a soft, effortless style that complements the natural texture of your hair. This style is easy to maintain and is very versatile, matching well with various styles of glasses. Use a light curl cream to enhance the waves and keep the bangs looking fresh.

62. Asymmetrical Cut with Sleek Bangs

An asymmetrical cut paired with sleek bangs offers a modern, sharp look that stands out. The sleek bangs add a clean, geometric element that contrasts nicely with the asymmetrical length, making it a bold choice for those looking to make a statement. Keep the bangs polished with a flat iron and a shine serum.

63. Curly Shag with Voluminous Bangs

Embrace your curls with a curly shag that features voluminous bangs, ideal for adding texture and body. This lively style is perfect for showcasing natural curls in a playful, yet manageable way. Voluminous bangs help frame the face and work well with rounded glasses frames. Use a defining gel to enhance curl shape and reduce frizz.

64. Straight Lob with Polished Bangs

This straight lob with polished bangs provides a sleek and sophisticated look, perfect for professional settings or elegant occasions. The bangs add a refined touch and can be styled to create a seamless transition into the longer lengths of the lob. Maintain the sleekness with a lightweight straightening cream or spray.

65. Trendy Bob with Side-Swept Fringe

A trendy bob with side-swept fringe offers a contemporary and stylish look that is both easy to manage and chic. The side-swept fringe enhances the bob’s shape and can be styled to either highlight or soften facial features, making it versatile for different glasses shapes and styles.

66. Soft Wavy Bob with Layered Bangs

The soft wavy bob with layered bangs combines gentle waves with light, feathery bangs that add dimension and movement. This hairstyle is flattering for various face shapes and pairs beautifully with both classic and modern glasses. Enhance the waves with a salt spray for texture and a light hairspray to hold the layers in place.

67. Edgy Short Shag with Textured Bangs

For those looking for a bold, textured look, an edgy short shag with textured bangs is a perfect choice. This style is all about creating drama and depth, with bangs that add an extra layer of texture. Style with a texturizing paste or wax to define the layers and bangs for a standout finish.

68. Bohemian Waves with Light Fringe

Capture a laid-back, bohemian vibe with loose waves complemented by a light, airy fringe. This style is ideal for softening the facial features and works especially well with lighter frame glasses. Use a light mousse or wave spray to keep the waves bouncy and the fringe soft.

69. Sleek Pixie with Styled Bangs

A sleek pixie cut with styled bangs offers a polished, yet edgy look that is low maintenance and stylish. The bangs can be styled in various ways, from sleek and straight to slightly tousled, depending on your mood and the occasion. Use a lightweight styling gel or pomade to keep the bangs in perfect shape.

70. Glamorous Layers with Bold Fringe

Finish off this series with glamorous layers cut into a bold fringe, creating a dramatic and stylish look. This hairstyle is perfect for those who love volume and a bit of drama, ideal for special occasions or when you just want to feel fabulous. Style the layers with a volumizing spray and round brush for maximum impact.

From soft fringes that delicately frame the face to bold, statement-making bangs that draw attention to the eyes, each style presented in this article promises to enhance the personal style of any woman over 50 who wears glasses. As you experiment with these looks, remember that each snip and style not only changes how the world sees you, but also how you see yourself—through the clear, confident gaze behind your favorite pair of glasses.

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