65 Popular Haircuts for Boys in Middle School

Navigating middle school is a time of great personal exploration and expression, and for many boys, it begins with the perfect haircut. This article explores 65 popular haircuts that not only reflect the latest trends but also help each young individual stand out or blend in, according to their preference. From classic cuts to more modern styles, discover how these hairstyles can boost confidence and make a statement during those transformative middle school years.

#1. Classic Crew Cut

The quintessential classic crew cut remains a steadfast choice for its neat and tidy appearance. This low-maintenance haircut is perfect for active middle schoolers, offering a clean-cut look that requires minimal styling effort. It’s adaptable to most face shapes and is always in vogue, making it an ideal option for school days and special occasions alike.

#2. Textured Crop Top Fade

A textured crop top fade is a stylish yet manageable option for boys who prefer a bit more flair. The textured top adds a modern twist to the hair, providing volume and movement, while the fade keeps the edges sharp and clean. This cut suits various hair types and is particularly effective at adding dimension to finer strands.

#3. Side Part with Natural Waves

The side part with natural waves is an effortlessly cool style that works beautifully on boys with wavy hair. This hairstyle enhances the hair’s natural texture, providing a soft yet structured look that can easily be dressed up or down. It’s particularly flattering for rounder face shapes, balancing the features with its angular styling.

#4. Buzz Cut with Etched Design

Ideal for the daring and artistic, the buzz cut with an etched design allows for personal expression through intricate patterns shaved directly into the hair. This low-maintenance style is perfect for hot weather and active lifestyles, while the designs can be customized to reflect personal tastes or interests.

#5. Slicked Back Undercut

A slicked back undercut offers a dramatic contrast between very short sides and a longer, slicked-back top. This bold and trendy style stands out in a crowd and can be styled with gel or pomade for a sleek finish. It’s a popular choice for boys wanting a more mature look that’s still cool and edgy.

#6. Curly Top Fade

The curly top fade is a fantastic choice for boys with natural curls. It features a voluminous curly top that showcases the hair’s texture, coupled with a sleek fade on the sides for a clean-cut look. This style emphasizes the hair’s natural dynamics while maintaining an easy-to-manage length.

#7. Soft Taper with Curly Bangs

Charming and fashionable, the soft taper with curly bangs brings a fresh twist to traditional styles. The curls are left longer at the top, especially at the bangs, adding a playful element to the face. This cut is versatile and suitable for various hair types, providing a soft, approachable look.

#8. Mohawk with Shaved Sides

The mohawk with shaved sides is an audacious hairstyle that commands attention. It features a strip of longer hair running from the forehead to the nape, flanked by completely shaved sides. This hairstyle is a bold statement of individuality and can be customized in length and color to fit personal style preferences.

#9. Angular Fringe Cut

The angular fringe cut is designed to highlight angular, sharp facial features with its asymmetric lines and length. The fringe is cut at an angle, often sweeping across the forehead, adding a modern, artistic touch to the hairstyle. It works well for those with straight or slightly wavy hair, offering a stylish, contemporary look.

#10. Faux Hawk Fade

A less intense cousin of the traditional mohawk, the faux hawk fade combines slightly longer hair in the center with faded sides. It provides a striking look without the commitment of fully shaved sides. Versatile and edgy, this style can be molded with gel for a dramatic look or worn more subtly for everyday coolness.

#11. Pompadour with Fade

The pompadour with fade combines classic and modern styles, featuring voluminous hair swept upwards and back, with the sides neatly faded. This hairstyle makes a bold statement and works well for boys who aren’t afraid to spend a bit of extra time on their look. It’s adaptable to different hair types, though it shines on those with thicker locks.

#12. Ivy League Haircut

An Ivy League haircut offers a polished and refined look, characterized by short hair on the sides and slightly longer at the top, typically styled with a side part. This versatile haircut is ideal for formal events and everyday school wear, providing a consistently neat appearance with minimal styling requirements.

#13. Long Top with Short Sides

Dynamic and fashionable, the long top with short sides hairstyle allows for a variety of styling options on the longer hair, from sleek back to casually tousled. It provides a modern look that can easily be adapted to suit personal style preferences, making it a popular choice among fashion-forward middle schoolers.

#14. Spiky Hair with Fade

Spiky hair with a fade is a fun and edgy style that adds texture and a youthful edge. The spikes can be styled with gel or wax to maintain their shape throughout the day, while the fade keeps the overall look clean and sharp. It’s a particularly good style for boys looking to express a vibrant personality.

#15. Messy Top with Taper Fade

The messy top with taper fade is a low-maintenance yet trendy option that features a casually styled top with a neat, tapered fade on the sides. This haircut is perfect for boys who prefer a laid-back look that still looks put-together. It works great on any hair type and adds a bit of rugged charm.

#16. Comb Over with Hard Part

Elegant and mature, the comb over with a hard part adds a distinct line to the side of the head, making the comb over more pronounced. This style is suitable for formal occasions and offers a classic look that never goes out of style. It works best on straight or slightly wavy hair.

#17. Shaggy Haircut for Wavy Hair

The shaggy haircut for wavy hair embraces natural textures with a layered cut that enhances volume and movement. This effortless style is great for boys who like a more natural, carefree look that requires minimal styling. It’s particularly flattering for those with naturally wavy or curly hair.

#18. Bowl Cut Revival

Revamping the classic bowl cut, this modern twist features a more textured and stylized approach, moving away from the traditional one-length look. The revived bowl cut is now seen with tapered sides or subtle layers that soften the iconic shape, making it more contemporary and stylish.

#19. High and Tight Military Cut

The high and tight military cut is renowned for its minimalistic yet sharp appearance. This haircut is extremely low maintenance, featuring clipped sides and a slightly longer top for a clean and disciplined look. It’s an excellent option for those preferring a no-fuss hairstyle that stays tidy all day.

#20. Long Hair Tucked Behind Ears

Long hair tucked behind the ears offers a laid-back and approachable style for boys who like to keep their hair long. This look can be effortlessly stylish and is versatile enough to be worn loose or styled for more formal occasions. It suits various hair types and is perfect for those who enjoy a more bohemian appearance.

#21. Casual Side Tousle

The casual side tousle is a relaxed and stylish look that works effortlessly for everyday wear. This hairstyle features lightly tousled hair, usually styled to one side, creating a laid-back yet fashionable appearance. It’s versatile, easy to maintain, and perfect for boys who prefer a natural look with a bit of personality.

#22. Brushed Up Hair with Taper

The brushed up hair with taper is a clean and sharp style that adds volume and height at the top. The sides are tapered for a sleek look, making the brushed-up top stand out. This style suits boys who like a modern, refined hairstyle that requires some styling but offers a striking payoff.

#23. Textured Waves with Mid Fade

Textured waves with mid fade bring out the natural curls or waves, enhanced by a stylish fade that cuts through the sides at a medium length. This hairstyle is perfect for adding dimension and movement, providing a fresh and trendy look that’s also easy to manage.

#24. Caesar Cut

Named after the Roman emperor, the Caesar cut features short, horizontally straight cut bangs with even-length hair all around the head. This classic style is great for boys looking for a straightforward, easy-to-maintain haircut that’s suitable for all occasions.

#25. Medium Length Layered Cut

A medium length layered cut offers versatility and style, with layers adding texture and volume. This haircut is ideal for boys with medium to thick hair, providing a dynamic look that can be styled in multiple ways but also looks great with natural fall.

#26. Curly Hair with Temple Fade

Curly hair with temple fade focuses on showcasing natural curls on top while keeping the temples and sides closely faded for a sharp contrast. It’s an excellent choice for managing curly hair, offering a stylish but practical solution that highlights natural texture.

#27. Straight Hair Shaggy Look

The straight hair shaggy look embraces a more relaxed, carefree style with slightly unkempt and layered hair. This hairstyle works well for boys who prefer a low-maintenance haircut that still looks stylish and intentional, suitable for straight hair types.

#28. Medium Tousled Hair with Side Part

Medium tousled hair with a side part is a charming and fashionable choice that combines casual tousles with a defined side part. The style provides volume and movement, making it a great option for medium-length hair, offering flexibility in styling for different occasions.

#29. High Top Afro

The high top afro is a proud celebration of texture and volume, standing tall and defined. This style is particularly popular among boys with afro-textured hair, looking to make a statement while embracing their natural hair. It can be shaped and styled to suit personal taste and face shape.

#30. Short Sides with Angular Brush Up

Short sides with an angular brush up offer a contemporary twist on classic styles, featuring sharply styled hair brushed upwards and angled at the top. The short sides keep the look clean and neat, making it a bold choice for boys wanting a standout, modern hairstyle.

#31. Classic Flat Top

The classic flat top is a precision haircut where the hair is cut to stand upright and form a flat deck on top. This retro-inspired style exudes confidence and discipline, making it an appealing choice for boys who enjoy a neat and structured appearance. It’s especially suited for hair that can hold its shape well.

#32. Thick Textured Top with Low Fade

Ideal for boys with thicker hair, the thick textured top with low fade offers a robust look with plenty of volumes. The textured styling adds a modern twist, while the low fade keeps the haircut refined and clean around the edges. This style balances boldness and manageability perfectly.

#33. Medium Wavy Hair with Part

Medium wavy hair with a part uses the natural flow of wavy hair, complemented by a defined part to add structure. This hairstyle is elegant yet easy to maintain, perfect for boys who prefer a more natural look but with a bit of formal edge, suitable for both school and special occasions.

#34. Quiff with Minimal Fade

The quiff with minimal fade combines a voluminous front that is swept upwards with a subtle fade on the sides. This style is dynamic and stylish, offering a classic look that’s modernized to stay trendy. It’s particularly effective for creating a statement while remaining versatile for different settings.

#35. Undercut with Long Wavy Top

An undercut with a long wavy top is a dramatic, stylish look that separates the very short sides from a voluminous, wavy top. This hairstyle is perfect for showcasing natural waves while keeping the overall look cool and manageable. It’s a bold choice that highlights personality and style.

#36. Long Swept Back Layered Style

The long swept back layered style is a sophisticated option for boys with longer hair. It offers a flowing look that can be styled back to enhance its sleekness or allowed to fall naturally for a more relaxed vibe. Layers add depth and movement, making it a versatile and attractive choice.

#37. Soft Fringe with Short Sides

A soft fringe with short sides brings a touch of youthfulness and modernity. The fringe softens the facial features while the short sides ensure the style remains tidy and easy to maintain. This cut is great for adding a fashionable twist to a classic style, suitable for different hair types.

#38. Buzz Cut with Shape Up

The buzz cut with shape up is a clean and extremely low-maintenance hairstyle, where the hair is clipped close to the scalp and the hairline is precisely edged. This style is particularly good for those who prefer a straightforward grooming routine but still want a sharp, defined look.

#39. Crew Cut with Textured Top

The crew cut with textured top modernizes the traditional crew cut by adding textured layers on top. This provides a contemporary twist that makes the style more dynamic and interesting. It’s ideal for active boys as it offers a neat appearance that requires little styling.

#40. Elegant Side Parted Style

The elegant side-parted style is a timeless choice that exudes sophistication and neatness. Perfectly suited for formal occasions or daily wear, this hairstyle uses a defined side part to create a classic and polished look. It works well on straight or wavy hair, providing flexibility in styling.

#41. Curly Top with Design Lines

The curly top with design lines is an energetic and creative hairstyle that highlights natural curls on top, paired with artful shaved lines in the sides for a custom look. This style is perfect for expressing individuality and stands out with its playful yet stylish aesthetic, ideal for boys who like to make a statement.

#42. Sleek Ivy League

A refined take on the classic Ivy League, the sleek version polishes the look with well-groomed hair that is neatly combed and sometimes styled with a light product to maintain its shape throughout the day. It’s an excellent choice for formal occasions and everyday school life, offering a consistently sharp appearance.

#43. Tapered Sides with Designed Part

This style integrates the clean aesthetics of tapered sides with the unique addition of a designed part, often etched into the hair for a striking visual element. The look is modern and stylish, ideal for boys looking to add a personalized touch to their grooming without overwhelming maintenance.

#44. Voluminous Pompadour

The voluminous pompadour takes the classic pomp to new heights with extra volume and height, making it a bold and eye-catching style. Suitable for thicker hair types, this look requires some styling but provides a standout appearance that is both classic and contemporary.

#45. Short Textured Hair with Blunt Fringe

Short textured hair paired with a blunt fringe creates a fresh, modern look that adds character and style. The texture adds dimension to the hair, while the blunt fringe frames the face with a definite line, making it a fashionable choice for boys interested in a trend-forward appearance.

#46. Asymmetrical Crop Top

An asymmetrical crop top is a daring and modern haircut that features uneven lengths and angles, often with one side longer than the other. This style is perfect for boys who enjoy a cutting-edge look and wish to stand out in a crowd, emphasizing a bold, avant-garde aesthetic.

#47. Medium Length Curly Bob

The medium-length curly bob is a charming and softer style that works wonderfully on natural curls, providing shape and volume without excessive length. This cut is easy to manage and looks effortlessly stylish, suitable for those who prefer a natural but neat hairstyle.

#48. Taper Fade with Twisted Curls

Combining a sharp taper fade with twisted curls on top, this hairstyle offers a neat yet expressive style. The curls can be twisted to define their shape, adding a distinct texture that contrasts nicely with the clean fade. It’s a popular choice for maintaining curly hair in a fashionable way.

#49. Low Fade with Thick Quiff

The low fade with a thick quiff is a sophisticated hairstyle that blends subtlety with statement. The low fade keeps the sides understated, while the thick quiff provides volume and a dramatic curve that can be styled for both casual and formal occasions, offering versatility and style.

#50. Modern Bowl Cut with Taper

Revitalizing the classic bowl cut, the modern version introduces a taper to soften and update the traditional shape. This haircut combines the iconic bowl silhouette with contemporary styling elements, making it more wearable and appealing for today’s youth, offering a blend of retro and modern flair.

#51. Edgy Top with Fade Lines

The edgy top with fade lines incorporates a sharp, defined top with precise fade lines on the sides, creating a modern and striking look. This hairstyle is ideal for boys who like a clean-cut appearance with a bit of an edge, offering a neat yet bold style that stands out.

#52. Long Flowing Hair with Light Waves

Long flowing hair with light waves offers a natural and relaxed style, perfect for boys who prefer a laid-back yet stylish look. The light waves add texture and movement to the hair, making it appear effortless and approachable. This hairstyle is versatile and suits a variety of occasions, from school to more casual settings.

#53. Textured Quiff with High Fade

A textured quiff with a high fade is a trendy and dynamic choice, featuring voluminous hair on top with a texture that adds depth, paired with a sleek high fade on the sides. This hairstyle is fashionable and sophisticated, ideal for making a fashionable statement at school or social events.

#54. Double Parted Slick Back

The double parted slick back is an innovative style that uses two distinct parts on either side of the head, creating a unique and stylish look. The hair is slicked back smoothly between the parts, offering a neat and polished appearance that’s both classic and contemporary.

#55. Mid-Length Tousle with Deep Side Part

Mid-length tousle with a deep side part is a versatile and stylish option that combines the relaxed look of tousled hair with the structured appeal of a deep side part. This style works well for various hair types and is perfect for boys looking for a fashionable yet easy-going hairstyle.

#56. Textured Spiky Hair with Skin Fade

Textured spiky hair with a skin fade is an edgy, youthful hairstyle that adds a lot of personality. The spikes are enhanced with texture for a modern twist, while the skin fade makes the style clean and sharp. It’s a great choice for boys who enjoy a bold, standout look.

#57. High Volume Top with Skin Taper

The high volume top with skin taper showcases a dramatic contrast between the voluminous hair on top and closely tapered sides. This hairstyle emphasizes the hair’s natural volume and texture, making it a striking option for boys wanting to highlight their styling.

#58. Rugged Tousle with Mid Fade

Rugged tousle with mid fade combines the casual cool of tousled hair with the polished look of a mid fade. This style is excellent for boys who like a hairstyle that balances a laid-back vibe with a clean-cut finish, adaptable to both casual and more dressed-up occasions.

#59. Curly Mohawk with Faded Sides

The curly mohawk with faded sides is a bold and expressive hairstyle, focusing on pronounced curls on top with smoothly faded sides. This style is perfect for showcasing natural curly textures while keeping the overall look neat and stylish.

#60. High Top with Tight Sides

The high top with tight sides is a classic style that has been popular for decades, featuring a tall, structured top with tightly cut sides. This hairstyle is particularly favored for its clean lines and distinctive profile, making it a timeless choice for boys who appreciate a neat and prominent hairstyle.

#61. Angular Fringe with Soft Edges

The angular fringe with soft edges combines a modern aesthetic with a gentle approach, featuring a sharply cut fringe that is softened around the edges for a more approachable look. This hairstyle is particularly flattering for boys with angular facial features, as it enhances their structure while maintaining a smooth overall appearance.

#62. Classic Parted Hair with Natural Texture

Classic parted hair with natural texture allows boys to showcase their hair’s inherent qualities while looking effortlessly tidy. This style uses a clear part to organize the hair, enhancing its natural texture without extensive styling. It’s an excellent choice for a sophisticated yet easy-to-manage school-day hairstyle.

#63. Short Waves with Razor Fade

Short waves with a razor fade offer a sharp and refined look, perfect for boys who prefer a clean and distinct edge to their hairstyle. The waves add texture and dimension on top, while the razor fade provides a crisp transition that accentuates the style’s neatness and precision.

#64. Long Layered Cut with Volume

A long layered cut with volume provides a dynamic and lively look, making use of layers to create movement and body throughout the hair. This hairstyle is ideal for boys with thicker hair, offering a stylish look that can be easily styled in different ways to match various occasions.

#65. Multi-Textured Style with Sharp Fade

The multi-textured style with sharp fade is a cutting-edge look that features varying textures on top, creating a rich and complex appearance, combined with a sharp fade that defines the edges superbly. This style is bold and modern, suitable for boys looking to make a fashionable statement with their hair.

The right haircut can do wonders for a middle school boy’s confidence and self-expression. Throughout this article, we’ve explored a variety of styles—from the timeless crew cut to the bold and trendy fades—that cater to every personality and taste. Whether you’re a parent helping your child choose his next look, or a young man searching for his signature style, these 65 haircuts offer a wide array of options to ensure he looks and feels great every day.

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