60 Perfect Medium-Length Wavy Hairstyles for Women in Their 30s

In the prime of life, women in their 30s often seek hairstyles that strike a perfect balance between sophistication and playfulness. Medium-length wavy hairstyles offer an enchanting solution, blending effortless chic with a touch of youthful vivacity. This article delves into 60 versatile and stylish wavy cuts tailored specifically for the dynamic lifestyle and evolving aesthetic of the modern 30-something woman.

1. Mid-Length Beach Waves with Texture

This breezy hairstyle embodies the effortless charm of the seaside. Mid-length beach waves with enhanced texture are perfect for women in their 30s looking to add a youthful, vibrant twist to their daily look. Achieve this style with a salt spray or texturizing mousse, scrunching the hair gently to boost volume and create that sought-after tousled effect.

2. Wavy Lob with Side-Swept Bangs

Chic and sophisticated, the wavy lob paired with side-swept bangs offers a flattering style for those with oval or heart-shaped faces. This versatile haircut is ideal for busy professionals, easily transitioning from office-appropriate to evening elegance. Styling with a medium-barrel curling iron and finishing spray can maintain the waves and bangs in perfect harmony.

3. Softly Layered Wavy Bob

Soft layers cut into a wavy bob can create a beautiful, dynamic look that enhances natural volume and movement. This hairstyle is especially flattering for women with finer hair, as the layers add texture without sacrificing length. Use a light volumizing product to lift the roots and a diffuser on your blow dryer to encourage the waves to form naturally.

4. Cascading Wavy Layers with Middle Part

Cascading layers cut into naturally wavy hair, styled with a middle part, frame the face beautifully and add a romantic touch to your look. This hairstyle is perfect for adding volume and dimension, making it a great choice for special occasions or everyday elegance. Regular trims will keep the layers defined and the waves bouncy.

5. Shoulder-Length Waves with Curtain Bangs

Combining shoulder-length waves with curtain bangs creates a retro yet modern look that suits a variety of face shapes. This style exudes a casual coolness and is incredibly easy to maintain. Blow dry the bangs with a round brush and style the waves with a large-barrel iron for a soft, flowy finish.

6. Wavy Shag with Feathered Ends

Embrace a touch of the 70s with a wavy shag hairstyle featuring feathered ends. This edgy yet feminine look is perfect for adding texture and volume. Styling with a sea salt spray and scrunching the hair will enhance the natural wave pattern, while occasional use of a dry shampoo at the roots can help maintain the volume.

7. Messy Wavy Bob with Volume

For an effortlessly chic look, the messy wavy bob with extra volume is your go-to. This hairstyle is particularly effective for creating a fuller appearance for thinner hair. Achieve this look by applying a volumizing mousse and roughly blow-drying with your fingers to tousle the waves, adding a texturizing spray for that final touch.

8. Wavy Angled Lob

The angled lob is a contemporary twist on the traditional lob, with a slight incline from back to front that adds an edge to the soft waves. This cut is incredibly flattering and easy to manage, making it a favored choice for women who prefer a stylish but low-maintenance hairstyle. Use a flat iron to curl ends subtly for a polished finish.

9. Undone Waves with Blunt Ends

This hairstyle offers a modern and minimalistic look with its combination of undone waves and blunt ends. Ideal for adding a bit of edge to your style, it works well for medium-density hair. Style with a lightweight texturizing cream to enhance the waves and provide a matte finish.

10. Soft Wavy Bob with Wispy Bangs

The soft wavy bob paired with wispy bangs offers a delicate and romantic aesthetic, perfect for softening angular features. This hairstyle is easy to style and maintain, making it ideal for a busy lifestyle. Regular trims are essential to keep the bangs in perfect shape and the waves looking fresh.

11. Mid-Length Waves with Subtle Layers

Subtle layers cut into mid-length wavy hair add movement and lightness, perfect for a soft, natural look that flatters the face. This style is versatile and suitable for all occasions, whether it’s a day at the office or a night out. Enhance the waves with a curl-enhancing cream, focusing on the ends to define the layers.

12. Voluminous Wavy Bob with Textured Ends

A voluminous wavy bob with textured ends is ideal for adding body and flair to finer hair. This lively and playful style is easy to maintain and perfect for those who want a bit of extra volume without a lot of fuss. Use a texturizing spray on damp hair and scrunch it as it dries to boost fullness and texture.

13. Medium Wavy Hair with Deep Side Part

A deep side part with medium wavy hair offers an instant volume boost and a dramatic, asymmetrical allure. This look is elegant and can be styled for both professional settings and special events. Achieving this look involves using a wide-tooth comb for parting and a light mousse to hold the waves without weighing them down.

14. Wavy Lob with Flipped Ends

The wavy lob with flipped ends brings a playful twist to the classic lob, introducing a touch of retro charm. This hairstyle works well for medium-texture hair, providing a manageable length and a stylish silhouette. Style with a round brush and a blow dryer to flip the ends outwards for that charismatic flair.

15. Tousled Waves with Fringe

For a carefree and youthful look, tousled waves paired with a fringe are an excellent choice. This style exudes a laid-back vibe and is perfect for enhancing natural wave patterns. Use a diffuser to dry your waves to reduce frizz and add volume, then style the fringe to frame the face delicately.

16. Medium Length with Defined Waves

Defined waves in medium-length hair create a polished and sophisticated appearance. This style is great for enhancing the hair’s natural texture and adding elegance to your overall look. Apply a defining gel to damp hair and use a diffuser to dry, maintaining the shape and definition of each wave.

17. Airy Wavy Bob with Minimal Layers

An airy wavy bob with minimal layers offers a clean, minimalist look while still providing volume and movement. This style is incredibly versatile and flattering for all face shapes. Light styling with a volumizing mousse can enhance the natural bounce of the waves without overcomplicating the hairstyle.

18. Wavy Mid-Length Cut with Bedhead Texture

Embrace a bit of rebellion with a wavy mid-length cut that boasts a bedhead texture. This effortlessly cool style is perfect for a casual look that still feels stylish. Achieve this look by using a salt spray and tousling your hair with your fingers, letting it air dry to maximize the textured effect.

19. Bohemian Wavy Lob with Fringe

Capture the essence of bohemian style with a wavy lob complemented by a fringe. This look is relaxed yet chic, ideal for those who love a bit of artistic flair in their style. Style with natural oils to keep the waves soft and the fringe smooth, enhancing the boho vibe.

20. Wavy Hair with Soft Curtain Bangs

Soft curtain bangs paired with wavy hair offer a flattering, face-framing effect that can soften any look. This hairstyle is tender and romantic, perfect for those who prefer a feminine touch. Style the bangs with a blow dryer and round brush, and use a light curling iron to define the waves gently.

21. Shoulder-Length Waves with Feathered Fringe

Shoulder-length waves softened with a feathered fringe create a beautiful, airy look that balances sophistication with playfulness. This hairstyle is especially flattering for those with round or square face shapes, as the feathered fringe helps to elongate the face. To maintain this look, use a lightweight mousse and blow dry with a diffuser to enhance the natural wave pattern.

22. Tousled Medium Waves with Side Part

For an effortlessly chic appearance, tousled medium waves styled with a side part offer a timeless charm. This hairstyle works well for any occasion, providing a relaxed yet polished look. Enhance the tousled effect with a texturizing spray and scrunch the hair while drying to emphasize the natural waves.

23. Soft Waves with Razor-Cut Ends

Soft waves combined with razor-cut ends offer a modern twist to traditional wavy hairstyles. This style adds a textured, edgy finish that works well with dynamic, contemporary wardrobes. Achieving this look involves using a razor tool for the ends during the cut and styling with a serum to highlight the sharp, clean lines.

24. Medium Wavy Hair with Shaggy Layers

Medium-length wavy hair with shaggy layers creates a voluminous and lively look ideal for adding personality and movement. This cut is perfect for those looking to enhance natural waves and achieve a carefree, bohemian vibe. Use a volumizing spray to maintain the body and a diffuser to encourage the natural curl pattern.

25. Shoulder-Grazing Waves with Bangs

This classic style combines shoulder-grazing waves with bangs to frame the face beautifully, suitable for softening sharper facial features. This easy-to-maintain look exudes elegance and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Style the bangs smooth and round out the waves with a curling iron for a polished finish.

26. Classic Wavy Lob with Natural Texture

A classic wavy lob that showcases natural texture is perfect for those who prefer a minimalist approach to styling. This look is all about embracing your hair’s inherent qualities, making it a low-maintenance option that doesn’t sacrifice style. Use a light styling cream to define the waves and reduce frizz.

27. Chic Wavy Bob with Side Bangs

The chic wavy bob paired with side bangs offers an attractive, face-framing hairstyle that’s both stylish and practical. This haircut is particularly effective at highlighting facial features and enhancing the natural wave of the hair. Style with a light hold gel to keep the bangs in place and a wave spray to maintain the texture throughout the day.

28. Relaxed Waves with Side-Swept Fringe

Relaxed waves combined with a side-swept fringe provide a laid-back yet stylish look, perfect for everyday wear. This hairstyle is ideal for softening angular jawlines and adding a romantic flair to your overall appearance. Achieve this look by curling the hair loosely and brushing through the waves for a soft, effortless texture.

29. S-Wave Style with Silky Texture

The S-wave style with a silky texture offers a glamorous look reminiscent of old Hollywood. This elegant hairstyle is perfect for special occasions and adds a touch of sophistication. Use a flat iron to create precise S-waves, then apply a shine serum to enhance the silky texture and finish with a light hairspray to set the style.

30. Wavy Hair with Disconnected Layers

Disconnected layers in wavy hair create a bold and modern style that adds depth and dimension. This edgy look is perfect for those who want to make a statement with their hair, offering a contrast between the lengths of the layers. Style with a pomade or wax to accentuate the layers and define the waves for a striking effect.

31. Mid-Length Cut with Bouncy Waves

The mid-length cut with bouncy waves strikes the perfect balance between playful and professional. Ideal for adding volume to fine hair, this style is achieved by using a medium-barrel curling iron and a volumizing mousse to enhance the natural bounce of the waves, making it perfect for both office days and weekend outings.

32. Wavy Hair with Boho Bangs

Channel a free-spirited vibe with wavy hair complemented by boho bangs. This style exudes a laid-back, artsy look, suitable for creative environments or casual social gatherings. Style the bangs lightly with a flat iron and let the natural waves flow for a bohemian charm, enhanced by a light texturizing spray.

33. Medium Wavy Style with Blunt Bangs

Combine the softness of medium waves with the striking contrast of blunt bangs for a bold, modern look. This hairstyle works well for those with thicker hair, providing a frame that highlights the eyes and cheekbones. Maintain the sleekness of the bangs with a smoothing serum and a regular trim to keep them sharp.

34. Relaxed Lob with Subtle Waves

A relaxed lob with subtle waves offers a timeless elegance that’s easy to manage and style. This low-maintenance look is perfect for busy women in their 30s, providing a soft yet refined style that works beautifully with natural hair textures. Use a large-barrel curling iron for gentle waves and a shine spray for a glossy finish.

35. Dynamic Wavy Cut with Asymmetrical Bangs

Make a statement with a dynamic wavy cut paired with asymmetrical bangs. This edgy look adds a contemporary twist to wavy hairstyles, perfect for those looking to stand out. Style with a sculpting gel for the bangs to maintain their shape and a diffuser to enhance the waves’ natural texture.

36. Mid-Length Waves with Textured Tips

Mid-length waves finished with textured tips create a chic and stylish profile, ideal for adding a playful touch to your everyday look. This hairstyle is especially flattering for medium to thick hair, adding movement and depth. Use a texturizing spray on the ends and scrunch them slightly to emphasize the texture.

37. Wavy Lob with Pinned Back Bangs

The wavy lob with pinned back bangs is a versatile and elegant option that keeps hair out of the face while highlighting facial features. This hairstyle is perfect for professional settings or special events. Use bobby pins to secure the bangs back and apply a light hairspray to keep the waves soft and in place.

38. Casual Waves with Light Layers

For a carefree and effortlessly chic look, try casual waves with light layers. This hairstyle is ideal for creating a natural, flowing look that doesn’t require much upkeep. Style with a sea salt spray to enhance the natural wave pattern and a diffuser to dry, adding body and movement.

39. Mid-Length Style with Soft Waves

This mid-length style with soft waves offers a feminine and graceful look that’s universally flattering. Ideal for all hair types, this cut accentuates the hair’s natural softness. Style the waves with a heat protectant and a ceramic curling iron, then finish with a mist of flexible hairspray for a durable, natural appearance.

40. Wavy Layered Cut with Slicked Back Style

A wavy layered cut with a slicked back style combines texture with sleekness, offering a sophisticated and modern hairstyle. This look is great for evenings out or formal events, where a more polished appearance is desired. Use a strong-hold gel to slick back the top layers, allowing the waves at the back to flow freely.

41. Medium-Length Waves with Chopped Ends

Medium-length waves with chopped ends offer a fresh, edgy take on the classic wavy style. This cut is perfect for adding a modern twist and texture, making the hair appear fuller and more dynamic. Styling is simple with a texturizing paste, focusing on the ends to define and separate for a more pronounced, rugged look.

42. Elegant Waves with Symmetrical Bangs

Elegant waves paired with symmetrical bangs create a balanced and refined look that’s perfect for any formal occasion or professional setting. The symmetry of the bangs highlights the eyes and balances the face, while the waves add a touch of sophistication. Style with a smoothing serum and a round brush for sleek, flawless bangs.

43. Wavy Mid-Length Bob with Textured Layers

A wavy mid-length bob with textured layers is ideal for adding volume and movement to your hair. This hairstyle is versatile and works well for both a casual day out and an evening event. Enhance the layers with a light mousse, drying with a diffuser to accentuate each wave and layer for a bouncy finish.

44. Feminine Waves with Soft Bangs

Feminine waves with soft bangs offer a gentle, romantic look, ideal for softening angular facial features. This hairstyle is perfect for creating a dreamy aesthetic, easily styled with a large-barrel curling iron and light hold hairspray to keep the waves lush and the bangs tenderly framing the face.

45. Medium Hair with Retro Waves

Channel classic glamour with medium hair styled into retro waves. This timeless look is perfect for special occasions, offering elegance and charm. Use a deep side part and a curling iron to create pronounced waves, setting with a strong-hold hairspray to maintain the shape and shine throughout the day.

46. Wavy Hair with Half-Up Style

A half-up style on wavy hair combines ease with sophistication, keeping hair off the face while showcasing the natural texture. This look is especially effective for medium-length hair, adding an element of style without the need for extensive upkeep. Use decorative pins or a chic clip to secure the top section for a polished appearance.

47. Relaxed Wavy Lob with Straight Bangs

The relaxed wavy lob paired with straight bangs offers a contemporary and stylish look that blends textures beautifully. The straight bangs provide a sleek contrast to the relaxed waves, suitable for those looking to combine straight and wavy elements. Style the bangs with a flat iron and use a light wave spray for the lob.

48. Choppy Wavy Medium-Length Hair

Choppy layers injected into medium-length wavy hair create a playful and youthful hairstyle, full of texture and zest. This cut is particularly good at adding volume to thin hair. Style with a volumizing spray and scrunch the ends to enhance the choppy layers for a full-bodied, energetic look.

49. Textured Waves with Volume Boost

Textured waves with a volume boost offer an attractive option for those seeking a bold, statement hairstyle. This style makes the most of natural volume and texture, perfect for a lively, energetic vibe. Use a volumizing powder at the roots and curl sections randomly to enhance the natural volume and texture.

50. Shoulder-Length Wavy Cut with Thick Fringe

This shoulder-length wavy cut with a thick fringe provides a striking and fashionable look. The thick fringe frames the face dramatically, while the waves add softness and femininity. This hairstyle is ideal for those with thicker hair, styled with a blow dryer and round brush to keep the fringe smooth and the waves defined.

51. Medium Waves with Clipped-Up Bangs

Medium waves accented with clipped-up bangs offer a versatile look that can be styled up or down depending on the occasion. This hairstyle is excellent for those who like to change their look throughout the day; simply clip the bangs up for a more open, carefree style, or let them down for a softer, more classic appearance. Use a light hairspray to maintain the waves’ shape and texture.

52. Wavy Bob with Undercut Detail

A wavy bob with an undercut detail is a bold, modern choice that adds an element of surprise and edge to a traditional style. The undercut provides a cool contrast, making this hairstyle stand out while still being manageable. Style the waves with a texturizing cream to emphasize the wavy texture above the undercut.

53. Soft Waves with Razor-Cut Fringe

Soft waves combined with a razor-cut fringe create a look that is both edgy and elegant. This hairstyle works well for adding a dynamic edge to your facial features, particularly enhancing the eyes with the sharp, textured fringe. Maintain the softness of the waves with a light curl cream and use a flat iron minimally to keep the fringe precise.

54. Mid-Length Cut with Tousled Waves

The mid-length cut styled with tousled waves offers a relaxed, beachy vibe that’s perfect for both everyday wear and more casual social events. This effortless style is achieved using a salt spray or a light mousse, scrunching the hair to add texture and a tousled finish that feels both natural and carefree.

55. Wavy Bob with Disheveled Texture

A wavy bob with a disheveled texture provides a contemporary and stylish look that’s both playful and chic. This hairstyle is ideal for creating volume and movement, making it perfect for those with finer hair looking to add body. Use a volumizing powder at the roots and mess up the waves slightly to achieve the perfect disheveled look.

56. Waves with Defined Layers and Bangs

Waves with defined layers and bangs create a rich, textured look that frames the face beautifully. This hairstyle is great for those who want to combine style with functionality, providing a voluminous yet controlled appearance. Style the layers and bangs with a light defining cream to enhance the texture and maintain the definition.

57. Classic Medium Wavy Hair with Side Sweep

A classic medium-length wavy hairstyle with a side sweep exudes elegance and sophistication. This style is perfect for professional environments or formal events, providing a graceful silhouette that complements various face shapes. Use a smoothing serum and a curling iron to refine the waves and create a polished side sweep.

58. Textured Wavy Hair with Voluminous Bangs

Textured wavy hair paired with voluminous bangs offers a lively, expressive style that adds character and flair. This look maximizes volume and texture, making it ideal for medium to thick hair. Enhance the bangs and waves with a volumizing mousse, drying with a diffuser to boost the overall body.

59. Medium-Length Waves with Slicked Side

This hairstyle combines the soft allure of medium-length waves with the sleek drama of a slicked side, offering a sophisticated and modern look. Perfect for evening wear, this style can be achieved by using a strong-hold gel on one side, sweeping it back, and letting the waves cascade freely on the other.

60. Loose Wavy Style with Modern Bangs

Loose waves paired with modern bangs provide a fresh take on traditional wavy hairstyles. This look is easy to maintain and perfect for those who prefer a more laid-back, yet stylish appearance. Style the bangs straight or with a slight curve, and use a large-barrel curling iron to create soft, loose waves that flow naturally.

Whether seeking a low-maintenance daily look or a glamorous style for special occasions, the 60 medium-length wavy hairstyles outlined provide ample inspiration for women in their 30s. These styles not only enhance natural beauty but also cater to the practical needs of a busy life. As you experiment with these waves, embrace the versatility and confidence they bring to your everyday ensemble.

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