60 Curly Hairstyles That Show Women Over 60

Embrace the beauty and vibrancy of natural waves with our guide to 60 curly hairstyles perfect for women over 60. Whether you’re looking to refresh your look or find new ways to style your curls, this article will provide a wealth of inspiration. Dive into a variety of styles that celebrate maturity, showcasing how your curls can symbolize elegance and confidence at any age.

1. Soft Shoulder-Length Curls with Fringe

This hairstyle is perfect for women over 60 looking to embrace their natural waves with a touch of youthful flair. The soft, shoulder-length curls offer movement and volume, while the fringe frames the face beautifully, softening features and adding a playful vibe. It’s a low-maintenance style that only requires regular trims and some curl-enhancing products.

2. Tousled Curly Lob

Ideal for those who prefer a laid-back yet stylish look, the tousled curly lob combines effortless charm with easy upkeep. This look works well for natural waves, using a light mousse or sea salt spray to enhance the curls and provide a relaxed, beachy feel. It’s versatile enough for both everyday wear and special occasions.

3. Elegant Pinned-Up Curls

A classic choice for formal events, this hairstyle showcases elegantly pinned-up curls that exude sophistication and grace. Women over 60 can achieve this look by curling their hair with a soft-barrel iron and carefully pinning the curls at the back of the head. This updo enhances volume and provides a timeless, regal appearance.

4. Curly Bob with Subtle Layers

The curly bob with subtle layers is a fantastic option for adding shape and texture without overwhelming the face. Suitable for more refined waves, the layers help reduce bulk, making this style ideal for those with thicker hair. A light gel or curl cream can help define the layers and maintain the shape throughout the day.

5. Voluminous Curly Updo

This voluminous updo is perfect for showcasing the natural texture of curly hair while keeping it stylishly contained. Achieved by gathering curls at the crown and securing them loosely, this look adds height and drama, making it perfect for evenings out or family gatherings. Use pins that match your hair color for a seamless finish.

6. Cascading Curls with Crown Volume

For a truly glamorous look, opt for cascading curls with added volume at the crown. This hairstyle maximizes the hair’s natural body and bounce, creating a stunning profile that’s sure to turn heads. Teasing at the roots adds the extra lift, while a curl-defining cream keeps the curls smooth and frizz-free.

7. Mid-Length Curly Hair with Swept Bangs

This style combines the lively dynamics of curls with the charm of swept bangs, blending them into a playful and appealing look. It’s particularly flattering for oval and heart-shaped faces, providing a balance between the volume of mid-length curls and the soft contouring of bangs. Regular trims help maintain the bangs’ perfect length.

8. Naturally Curly Pixie Cut

A bold choice that exudes confidence and elegance, the naturally curly pixie cut is both modern and manageable. This low-maintenance hairstyle is ideal for women who want to celebrate their natural curls in a chic, minimalistic way. Use a bit of pomade or curl enhancer to define the texture and add a vibrant touch.

9. Romantic Curly Bun with Wispy Strands

Perfect for special occasions, this romantic curly bun features loose, wispy strands that frame the face for a soft, enchanting look. It’s an excellent style for achieving a dreamy and delicate appearance, great for evenings where a touch of elegance is desired. Light hairspray can help maintain the whimsical strands in place.

10. Bouncy Mid-Length Curly Hairstyle

Celebrate your curls with this bouncy, mid-length style that’s all about volume and energy. This joyful look is perfect for adding a youthful spirit to your appearance, with layers that enhance the natural curl pattern. A curl-enhancing spray can help keep the curls defined and vibrant throughout the day.

11. Classic Curly Bouffant

A timeless and elegant choice, the classic curly bouffant adds both volume and height, offering a flattering style for women over 60. This look can be achieved by backcombing the roots for lift and smoothing the outer layer of curls for a polished finish. Ideal for formal events, it pairs beautifully with sophisticated attire.

12. Textured Curls with Side Part

This hairstyle brings a modern twist to naturally curly hair by incorporating a deep side part, which adds instant volume and a dynamic shape to the face. The textured curls can be enhanced with a light volumizing spray to maintain bounce and movement throughout the day. It’s a versatile look that transitions smoothly from day to night.

13. Half-Up, Half-Down Curly Style

Combining the best of both worlds, this half-up, half-down style secures part of the hair away from the face while letting the rest cascade beautifully around the shoulders. It’s a fantastic choice for showcasing the natural texture of your curls while keeping them manageable and stylish. Decorative clips or pins can add a personal touch.

14. Curly Shag with Feathered Layers

Revive the classic shag with this curly version featuring feathered layers that create a light, airy feel. This cut is particularly effective for adding body and reducing weight in thicker curly hair, making it easier to manage daily. Styling with a diffuser will enhance the layers and bring out the natural curl pattern.

15. Vintage Curls with Headband

Invoke the glamour of past decades with vintage curls accessorized with a chic headband. This hairstyle is perfect for adding a touch of elegance and nostalgia to your look, making it ideal for special occasions or regular outings. Use a curling iron to refine the curls, and choose a headband that complements your outfit for a cohesive look.

16. Curly Hair with Layered Bangs

Layered bangs integrated into curly hair create a lively, engaging style that frames the face with softness and grace. This look works well for all curl types and adds a contemporary edge to traditional curly hairstyles. Regular trims are essential to keep the bangs at the perfect length and maintain their shape.

17. Curly Tapered Pixie with Volume

For a bold and beautiful statement, try a curly tapered pixie cut that combines short, easy-to-manage lengths with voluminous curls at the top. This style is particularly flattering for enhancing facial features and is ideal for women who enjoy a low-maintenance yet stylish hairstyle. A bit of mousse can help keep the volume in place all day.

18. Long Flowing Curls with Side Part

Embrace your natural waves with long, flowing curls that highlight the hair’s natural beauty. The side part adds a flattering asymmetry to the look, drawing attention to the eyes and cheekbones. This romantic and free-flowing style is perfect for everyday elegance and can be maintained with curl-friendly serums or oils.

19. Curly Bob with Accentuated Edges

This chic curly bob stands out with its sharp, accentuated edges, giving a modern twist to a classic shape. The defined edges help to structure the face and add a contemporary flair to the naturally curly texture. Use a defining cream to separate curls and emphasize the cut’s unique lines.

20. Wavy Curly Hybrid Cut

Merging waves and curls, this hybrid cut offers texture and variety, making it an excellent choice for those with mixed curl patterns. The cut can be customized to enhance the natural form of your curls, providing volume where needed and reducing bulk where necessary. It’s a versatile, dynamic style suitable for both casual and formal settings.

21. Curly Layers with Soft Bangs

Featuring a delightful blend of curly layers and soft, sweeping bangs, this hairstyle is flattering for women over 60 looking to soften their features and add a youthful bounce to their locks. The layers help distribute the curls evenly, reducing bulk and enhancing the face’s natural contours. Ideal for daily wear, it requires minimal upkeep with the right moisturizing products.

22. Low Curly Ponytail with Accessories

Elegant yet simple, the low curly ponytail is enhanced with the use of accessories such as ribbons or decorative hair ties. This style pulls the curls back from the face, showcasing the natural texture while keeping the hair manageable and stylish. It’s perfect for casual outings or more formal events, adaptable with different accessories to suit any occasion.

23. Airy Curly Updo for Evening Wear

This airy curly updo is the epitome of elegance, perfect for evening wear. The hairstyle gathers the curls into a soft, voluminous arrangement at the back, allowing some curls to flow freely for a graceful, romantic look. Finish with a light hairspray to ensure the updo holds its shape throughout the night.

24. Curly Crown Twist

A creative twist on traditional updos, the curly crown twist wraps curls around the head to form a crown-like effect, ideal for highlighting the texture and volume of natural curls. This style is particularly fitting for special occasions and can be adorned with small flowers or pins for an extra touch of glamour.

25. Multi-Textured Curly Layers

Multi-textured curly layers offer a dynamic and modern look by combining different curl types and layers to create a rich, voluminous style. This cut is perfect for showcasing the diverse patterns of natural curls, making it a standout choice for those who want to embrace their unique hair texture. Styling is simple, usually requiring just some curl-enhancing product.

26. Sleek Curly Pixie

The sleek curly pixie cut is both chic and manageable, making it a perfect hairstyle for women over 60 who favor a minimalist yet stylish look. The sleekness adds a contemporary edge to the curls, which can be achieved with a light gel or mousse that controls frizz while maintaining the curl’s natural shape.

27. Messy Curly Bun with Stray Curls

Casual and charming, the messy curly bun lets stray curls fall around the face naturally, creating a relaxed and inviting look. This style is wonderfully easy to pull off, perfect for busy days or when you want a simple yet fashionable hairstyle. It works great with a touch of texturizing spray to keep the curls lively.

28. Curly Bob with Defined Ringlets

This curly bob features beautifully defined ringlets that give the hairstyle structure and elegance. Using a curling cream or gel can help define these curls further and add shine, making it a fantastic option for those looking to highlight their curly hair while keeping it short and stylish.

29. Whimsical Curly Updo with Twists

The whimsical curly updo includes playful twists and curls pinned artfully to create a dreamy, intricate hairstyle suitable for weddings or other special events. This updo captures the beauty of curls in a creative and elegant way, ensuring you look stunning on your special day.

30. Natural Curls with Elegant Tuck

Showcasing natural curls with an elegant tuck behind one ear offers a sleek yet simple style, perfect for any setting. This look balances the hair’s natural volume and texture with a polished finish, making it suitable for both professional environments and social occasions. A light serum or spray can be used to enhance the curls’ shine and definition.

31. High Curly Ponytail with Puff

A high curly ponytail with a voluminous puff at the crown is a fantastic way to add a playful and youthful edge to your style. This hairstyle elevates the curls, showcasing their natural texture while the puff adds an extra touch of glamour. Perfect for social gatherings or casual days out, it can be maintained with a strong hold gel to keep the ponytail sleek and the puff prominent.

32. Curly Hair with Braided Crown

Integrate the romance of braids with the texture of curls in this elegant style. The braided crown circles the head, showcasing the natural curls below or within the braid for a regal effect. This hairstyle is perfect for events where you want to impress, and it works beautifully with floral or jeweled hair accessories.

33. Short Curly Cut with Sculpted Silhouette

This short curly cut offers a sculpted silhouette that enhances the natural shape of the curls, making it a chic and manageable option for women over 60. The defined shape makes it easy to maintain, needing only occasional trims and some light product to define and separate the curls for a polished look.

34. Playful Curly Pigtails

Revisit youthful charm with playful curly pigtails. This style is not only fun but also a wonderful way to showcase the volume and bounce of your curls. Suitable for casual days or when you’re feeling whimsical, this look can be enhanced with colorful or decorative hair ties that add a pop of personality.

35. Stacked Curly Bob

The stacked curly bob involves shorter layers at the back and longer layers at the front, creating a dynamic shape that enhances natural curl. This hairstyle provides volume at the crown and streamlined curls toward the face, making it both flattering and easy to manage with minimal styling products.

36. Soft Curls with Gentle Flip

Soft curls with a gentle flip at the ends create a charming vintage look that’s both elegant and soft. This hairstyle works well for medium to long curly hair, offering a feminine silhouette that pairs beautifully with classic outfits. A light hairspray can help maintain the flip throughout the day.

37. Curly Mullet with Modern Twist

Bringing back the mullet with a modern twist, this hairstyle combines short curly layers at the front with longer, voluminous curls at the back. It’s a bold, fashion-forward look that suits adventurous personalities and can be styled with a texturizing cream to enhance the curl’s natural texture.

38. Curly Hair with Middle Part

A simple yet impactful style, curly hair with a middle part frames the face symmetrically and showcases the natural volume and texture of your curls. This look is effortlessly chic and can be easily maintained with regular moisturizing treatments to keep the curls healthy and vibrant.

39. Pin Curled Updo for Special Occasions

Perfect for a formal event, the pin curled updo involves intricately styled curls that are pinned up elegantly at the back of the head. This updo is graceful and sophisticated, suitable for weddings or black-tie events, and can be embellished with pearls or crystal pins for an added touch of luxury.

40. Effortless Curly Waves with Clips

For a casual yet stylish look, effortless curly waves accented with small clips provide a simple way to manage curls while adding a hint of charm. This hairstyle is ideal for everyday wear, allowing you to control the placement of your curls while accessorizing with clips that can vary in style from vintage to modern.

41. Curly Pixie with Styled Bangs

This curly pixie cut with styled bangs combines the ease of short hair with the flair of curls. The bangs can be swept to the side or styled forward to frame the face, adding a modern twist to the classic pixie. This cut is ideal for those who desire a low-maintenance yet stylish look, perfect for highlighting natural curl textures.

42. Long, Loose Curls with Layering

Embrace the beauty of long, loose curls with strategic layering to enhance the hair’s natural volume and movement. This hairstyle is perfect for women over 60 who want to keep their length while showcasing their vibrant, natural curls. Layers help reduce weight and add shape, making the curls more manageable and stylistically versatile.

43. Curly Bob with Disconnected Layers

A curly bob with disconnected layers offers a contemporary and edgy look that adds volume and depth to curly hair. The layers are cut in varying lengths to create a textured, dynamic appearance that can be styled casually or jazzed up for more formal occasions. A curl-enhancing cream or spray can help define and separate these layers.

44. Elegant Curls Pinned to the Side

For a touch of elegance, try styling your curls pinned to one side. This asymmetric hairstyle highlights the face and neck, providing a graceful silhouette that is suitable for formal events and gatherings. Use pins that blend with your hair color for a seamless look, or choose decorative ones to add a bit of sparkle.

45. Retro Glam Curls

Channel the classic charm of old Hollywood with retro glam curls. This style features smooth, voluminous curls that are brushed out to create a soft, glamorous wave. Use a strong hold hairspray and shine serum to enhance the luster and maintain the shape, making it perfect for a grand evening out.

46. Curly Angled Lob

The curly angled lob is a chic and trendy hairstyle where the length is cut longer in the front and shorter in the back. This angle adds a contemporary flair while the curls bring texture and vibrancy, making it a stylish choice for any occasion. Regular trims are essential to maintain the distinct shape of the lob.

47. Curly Faux Hawk

Bold and edgy, the curly faux hawk allows you to experiment with your hair by styling the curls upward and central, tapering down on the sides. This look is striking and can be tailored to suit various levels of boldness by adjusting the height and tightness of the curls.

48. Fluffy Curly Hair with Natural Texture

Celebrate the natural beauty of fluffy, voluminous curls with this style that emphasizes texture over structure. This carefree look is all about embracing the natural body of your hair and works well with minimal styling, making it perfect for daily wear.

49. Curly Side Braid with Free Strands

A curly side braid with free strands flowing gently around the face creates a romantic and whimsical look. This hairstyle is lovely for both day-to-day activities and special events, providing a soft, feminine touch to your overall appearance. Light hairspray can help hold the braid while allowing some curls to escape artfully.

50. Curly Undercut with Top Volume

This daring style combines an undercut with voluminous curls on top, creating a stark contrast that is both modern and chic. The undercut reduces bulk and focuses attention on the beautifully styled curls above, which can be worn loose or sculpted for more dramatic effect. This look is ideal for those looking to make a bold statement with their hair.

51. Voluminous Curly Mohawk

The voluminous curly mohawk brings a bold, adventurous spirit to your look, making it ideal for women over 60 who want to stand out. This style focuses on maximizing volume at the center of the head while keeping the sides more subdued. It’s a powerful statement look that remains surprisingly versatile, suitable for adding an edge to any outfit.

52. Curly Hair with Mini Bouffant

A mini bouffant adds a hint of vintage glamour to naturally curly hair, creating a look that’s both elegant and playful. This style elevates the hair at the crown for added height and volume, ideal for special occasions or everyday sophistication. Use a teasing comb and a firm hold hairspray to achieve and maintain the bouffant.

53. Curly Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

The curly waterfall braid weaves through the hair like a cascading stream, beautifully integrating braids and loose curls. This romantic and intricate hairstyle is perfect for weddings, garden parties, or any event where a touch of whimsy is desired. The natural texture of the curls adds a lovely dimension to the braid.

54. Dynamic Curly Layers with Volume

Dynamic layers cut into curly hair create a lively, voluminous look that enhances the hair’s natural body. This style is perfect for adding movement and a light, airy feel to thicker hair, making it easier to manage and style. Use a diffuser when drying to accentuate the layers and boost volume.

55. Curly Bob with Peek-a-Boo Bangs

The curly bob with peek-a-boo bangs offers a playful twist on the classic bob, incorporating bangs that flirtatiously cover one eye. This hairstyle is charming and suitable for adding a bit of mystery and style to your daily look, with curls that can be easily styled with a light mousse or curl cream.

56. French Twisted Curls Updo

Elegant and refined, the French twisted curls updo is a sophisticated choice for formal events. This updo secures the curls in a sleek twist at the back of the head, allowing some curls to escape softly around the face for a softer, more romantic effect. It’s a classic look that exudes grace and style.

57. Gentle Curly Lob with Flowing Waves

This gentle curly lob features flowing waves that soften the facial features and provide a relaxed, approachable look. It’s perfect for women who prefer a more understated style that still showcases their curls’ natural beauty. Styling with a lightweight serum can enhance the waves’ smooth texture.

58. Curly Hair with Accent Braids

Accent braids add a fun and creative touch to any curly hairstyle, weaving small braids into the hair to create texture and interest. This look is adaptable and can be as subtle or bold as desired, making it perfect for personalizing your style and adding a unique twist to your natural curls.

59. Modern Curly Perm with Volume

The modern curly perm reinvigorates traditional perming techniques with a focus on volume and less structured curls. Ideal for adding consistent and resilient curls to naturally straight or wavy hair, this style offers lasting body and texture with minimal daily maintenance required.

60. Curly Hair with Vintage Pin Curls

Channel the classic styles of the past with curly hair styled into vintage pin curls. This look is perfect for themed events or when you want to inject some retro flair into your style. The pin curls can be set with clips overnight and brushed out to create soft, glamorous waves that capture the essence of yesteryear’s elegance.

This exploration of 60 curly hairstyles for women over 60 demonstrates that style knows no age limits. Each hairstyle serves as a testament to embracing one’s natural beauty and adapting it to reflect personal style and confidence. As you consider these varied and vibrant options, let them inspire you to experiment with your curls and perhaps redefine what your signature style could look like.

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