45 Simply to Die For Spring Nail Art Designs to Rock Your World in 2024

Spring is just around the corner and there’s no better way to celebrate the fresh season than with a set of dazzling new nails! This year, nail art is taking things up a notch with major style. We’re talking next level designs that practically scream spring.

I’ve rounded up 45 completely swoon-worthy spring nail ideas that will absolutely rock your world. We’re talking floral artwork, abstract shapes, caviar accents, chrome finishes, 3D designs, rainbow details, and so much more to obsess over. Consider your nail inspiration dreams answered!

Get ready to step up your nail game big time thanks to these simply to die for spring nail art designs. With so many insanely cute options, you’ll want them all. Let the swooning begin!

Checkered Florals

Add some fun and vibrance to your nails with a chic checkered floral pattern. This on-trend look combines classic polish with floral motifs and retro checkers for a lively mani. Play with different color combos from pastels to neons.

Pastel Swirls

Give your nails a sweet spring makeover with smooth pastel swirls. Using creamy shades like mint, lavender and peach, create a marbled ombre effect for a soft, romantic look. Add pearlescent topcoat for extra dimension.

Vibrant Spring Nail Shades

Usher in the season with bright, happy hues like lime green, sunny yellow and shimmery sky blue. Paint each nail a different spring shade or do a colorblocked mani for a fun, punchy style. Add white flowers or dots for a little whimsy.

Pink Sparkling Glam

Go for full-on glitz and glam with a bright pink base and extra sparkle. Coat nails in magenta or barbie pink polish, then use a small brush to add silver or rose gold glitter. Shape into geometric patterns for disco-ball nails, perfect for a big night out.

Daisy Dream Nails

Capture the feeling of springtime reverie with a romantic daisy nail design. Use a dotting tool to paint white daisies over a seafoam green, baby blue or other soft pastel base coat. Keep it minimal with single blooms on accent nails.

Classic French Twist

Give the iconic french manicure a fresh upgrade with creative twists. Use neon tips, inverted colors, double lines, tiles, lace patterns and more. Play with shades like emerald, peach, lavender and gold for pretty springtime spins.

Golden Foil Tips

Accent your bare or neutral-polished nails with metallic gold foil on the tips. Apply foil adhesive to the tips of nails, press on foil, then seal with top coat. The shimmery finish mirrors spring sunshine and looks great on short or long nails.

Curvy Daisy Nails

Paint a field of petite daisies in pleasing pops of color with this rounded nail art. Use a nail striper dipped in polish to draw C-shaped daisies and leaves on a contrasting base coat. Cluster together for sweet nail garden vibes.

Bluebird-Inspired Nails

Pay homage to the first glimpses of bluebirds in spring with a charming nail design. Paint sky blue polish as the base, then use a detail brush to paint pretty bluebirds and branches on accent nails. Add touches of white and yellow polish for sweet details.

Peachy Smile Nails

Awaken your inner sunshine with a bright peach mani topped with happy stickers or hand-painted emoji. Coat nails in a juicy peach or melon polish, then accent your middle fingers with tiny smiley faces. This literal mood booster pairs nicely with a spring dress.

Fern-Inspired Spring Mani

Get lost in a lush botanical reverie with leafy green nails etched in gold. Paint a rich green creme base, then use a nail art pen to draw delicate gold ferns on accent nails. Recapture the wonder of spotting new fronds popping up in spring.

Soft Pastel Abstracts

Make a statement with angular abstract art in sorbet shades. Using a striping brush and pastel polishes like lilac, pistachio and periwinkle, paint bold lines and color blocks for an artsy geometric look. Keep nails short for the most eye-catching color pops.

Easter Egg Nail Art

Have some seasonal fun with spring’s favorite symbol – the Easter egg! Paint your nails in creamy pastels like baby blue, yellow and lavender. Accent your ring fingers with hand-painted white eggs, dainty florals and gold dots for a delightful holiday mani.

Cotton Candy Tips

Indulge your sweet tooth with creamy gradients and frosting-like French tips. Start by painting ombre backgrounds in sticky-sweet shades of peach, pistachio and raspberry sorbet, then finish with fluffy white tips using striping tape. The delicious result looks good enough to eat!

Cherry Red Tips

Serve up the perfect topper for your spring style with these cherry-sweetened nails. Paint nails cherry red or deep crimson, keeping the tips bare. Use a small brush to paint white details – dots, stripes, hearts – on the naked tips only to really make them pop.

Ombré Spring Nails

Embrace the gradient trend with smooth fades between your favorite shades. Apply two harmonious polishes – like seafoam and sky blue – with a makeup sponge, blending up from the base for a seamless ombré for texture and depth. Top with a glossy top coat to really make it shine.

Artistic Floral Nails

Unleash your inner artist and paint striking floral motifs on a couple of accent nails. Use a thin nail art brush to hand-paint colorful flowers like red poppies, orange tulips, and purple irises over a contrasting base color. Fill in petals with pretty shimmer or glitter polish.

Lime Green Tips

Brighten up your look with a punchy neon lime French manicure. Paint nails with a sheer pink or beige polish, leave tips bare, then use striping tape to paint crisp lime green tips. Pair with light spring outfits so the zesty green really pops. Add a topcoat for that glossy wet look.

Blue Wave Nails

Ride the navy trend with gorgeous midnight blue waves. Paint nails cobalt or royal blue, then use a dotting tool dipped in white acrylic paint to add cresting waves and foam on accent nails. Finish with a scattering of silver glitter along the shoreline for maximum impact.

Leafy Spring Nails

Capture the emergence of new leaves with a nature-inspired manicure. Paint nude or mossy green nails first. Next use a thin brush to paint olive branches, leaves, or ferns in forest green and lime polish. Add tiny white and yellow flowers for a refreshing springtime look.

Modern Floral Abstracts

Elevate your style with contemporary abstract floral nail art. Start with a neutral base, then use a thin brush to paint minimalist flowers and leaves in shades of blush, slate blue-grey, and mustard yellow. Focus on graphic shapes and angles for an edgy botanical look.

Crisp White Stripes

Bold black and white graphics lend instant edge to your nail game. Paint nails jet black first, letting them fully dry. Next, use striping tape to paint crisp white chevrons, diagonal lines, or skunk stripes over the dark base. The striking contrast looks chic on short square nails.

Rainbow Abstract Nail Art

Liven up your look with vivid rainbow art. Start with a white base, then make abstract angular designs in shades of red, orange, green, blue and purple. Use geometric shapes, uneven color blocks and stripes for an artsy mani that packs a color punch.

Nude Pink Glam

Go for sheer glamour with muted pink polish topped with crystal embellishments. Paint nails in a soft petal pink. Next, using tweezers, carefully place tiny crystals like AB rhinestones, pearls or beads in a line down the center of the nail for boho-chic dimension.

Spring Flower Nails

Celebrate the season by painting a petite garden right on your nails! Start with a light green, lavender or pink base. Then use a thin detail brush to hand-paint simple daisies, tulips, hydrangeas and pansies for an effortlessly pretty look.

Spotted Dalmatia Nails

Unleash your playful side with fun spotted nail art. Paint tips black, keeping bases nude. Once dry, use a dotting tool dipped in white acrylic paint to add varied white dots, from small accent dots to big spotty polka dots. Top with a high-shine gloss for maximum impact.

Spring Garden Mani

Enjoy lush floral views without leaving your fingertips! Start with a grass green base coat. Next, use a thin detail brush to paint a landscape of tulips, daisies, roses and irises in bright Crayola shades. Outline large blooms with black nail polish for definition.

Pink Abstract Art

Make a modern art statement with irregular angled shapes in blushing and coral tones. Paint a light pink base color first. Once dry, use striping tape and nude and peach polishes to create triangles, trapezoids, lines and color blocks on alternating nails.

Blue Skies Ahead

Enjoy cloudless horizons from sunrise to sunset with a sky-inspired nailscape. Paint a sheer blue base coat to mimic a sunny day. Use a makeup sponge to dab on cotton ball clouds. Add a metallic orange half-moon for a golden sunrise or rosy sunset.

Quintessential Spring Mani

Celebrate the very essence of spring in one fresh, pretty manicure. Choose soft pastels like lavender, peach, pistachio and robin’s egg blue. Paint each nail a different spring-y shade. Add flowers, leaves, bees, butterflies and birds for the perfect playful polish.

Flower Power Nails

Make a vibrant statement with kaleidoscopic floral nail art. Paint nails with electric hues like fuchsia, citron, violet and seafoam. Once dry, hand-paint simple daisies, tropical blooms and brushstroke florals for far-out nail art. Embrace the groovy flower child within!

Cute Blue Daisies

Dream of flower fields with this charming design. Paint nails a tranquil blue like sky or robin’s egg. Once dry, use a dotting tool dipped in white acrylic paint to add sweet little daisies on a couple accent nails. Outline the center of each in yellow for sunshine-y depth.

Classic French Mani

Sometimes you just can’t improve upon a timeless classic. Get perfectly polished tips – no striping required – by painting the base sheer pink or beige. Leave your tips bare, then paint them pure white with two coats of opaque polish followed by a glossy topcoat to seal. Tres chic!

Undulating Nude Waves

Make a fluid statement with organic nude nail art. Apply two harmonious beige polishes in slightly different tones. Next, gently run a toothpick through them in wavy lines for a marbling effect. The stripes and curves evoke rippling sand dunes. Finish with a clear topcoat for gloss.

Subtle Blue Ombré

Dip your nails in cool cleansing hues with a soft blue fade. Apply light and dark blue creme polishes to nails with a makeup sponge, graduated from dark at the base to light towards the tips. The low-contrast ombré has a restful mood-boosting effect.

Chic Quartz Nails

Accessorize your nails with on-trend quartz and foil polish. Paint a sheer pink or nude base, then use tweezers to place small quartz rhinestones in a straight line down the center of the nail. Finish by painting metallic gold foil on the tips for instant glamour.

Brown Sparkling Accents

Add dark dazzle by painting espresso brown nails with holographic glitter tips. Apply two coats of rich chocolate polish, then run striping tape across the tips. Paint inside the tape with black base followed by a coat of iridescent glitter polish for light-catching style.

Black Florals With Purple Tips

Unleash your inner goth goddess with moody blooms and violet lacquered tips. Paint nails black first. Once dry, use a thin brush to paint miniature purple roses with thorny stems in gray polish. Finish with glossy dark amethyst tips for after-dark elegance.

Simple Spring Flower Nails

Get ready for the season with effortless flower tips. Paint nails a clean sheer pink or beige. Apply nail striping tape diagonally across nails, keeping it very narrow. Paint inside the stripes using a light coral, yellow, or seafoam polish. Remove the tapes to reveal dainty flower tips.

Spring Party-Ready Mani

Paint on punchy tropical hues and get your nails spring break ready! Choose deliciously fruity shades like mango orange, pineapple yellow and coconut cream. Paint each nail a different color and add hibiscus flowers or crimson cherries with a nail art pen. Cheers to vacation vibes!

Cute Floral Tips

Say it with flowers at the tip of your nails! Start by painting a neutral base color like pale grey or caramel nude. Once dry, use a small brush to paint petite florals like primrose, Queen Anne’s lace and baby’s breath on the tips for delicate spring style.

Spring Tortoiseshell Nails

Unleash your inner wild thing with brown tortoiseshell nail polish. Paint on two coats of textured brown polish with streaks of caramel, black and mahogany for dimension. The brown shifts from warm to cool for organic depth and movement. Finish with a clear top coat to seal.

Adorable Spring Nails

Celebrate the sweetness of springtime with charming nail art even Thumper would love. Paint pale blue or pink nails first. Add white and yellow daisies, baby deer silhouettes, fluffy bunnies, bluebirds, and sheep clouds with a small detail brush. Guaranteed cute overload!

Pastel Green Tips

Welcome renewal and growth with verdant green tips. Paint nails with two coats of ballet slipper pink polish. Once dry, apply striping tape across the tips. Inside, paint with your choice of light green – try mint, honeydew melon, or pistachio. Remove the tape to reveal perfect slim green tips.

Colorful French Mani

Give the classic French manicure a brightly-hued update. Paint nude base color first, leaving tips bare. Then apply colorful striping tape in your choice of shades – try coral, sky blue, violet, or green. Paint inside, let dry, remove tape, and seal with a glossy top coat to show off those crisp, vibrant tips!

Butterfly Nail Art

Take flight with fanciful butterflies dancing across your nails. Paint alternating nails sky blue and grass green for a spring garden theme. Use a detail brush and white polish to hand paint delicate butterflies. Outline wings in black for striking contrast and dimension.

Plaid Springtime Mani

Check spring plaid nail art off your bucket list for an instant mood boost! Paint nails pale blue, then place striping tape diagonally across the surface. Paint stripes mint green and peach inside the tape strips for preppy picnic vibes. Carefully remove the tape and top coat to seal.

There you have it – 45 fabulous spring nail art designs for 2024 that I confidently declare to be masterpieces! From the prettiest pastel floral prints to badass graphic chrome stunners, quirky fruit art, and everything in between, I hope you feel inspired to try one of these heavenly manicures this season.

Switch up your nail shape, length, or standard color palette to keep things exciting. Don’t be afraid to show off those tips loud and proud on your spring style exploits! Share your finished spring nail looks with me online by tagging #SimplyToDieForNails – I can’t wait to see your stunning interpretations! Happy swooning over these glorious nails, friends!

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